Emory APE Lab (Anthroprimatology at Emory)

For this project, I partnered with faculty members Dr. Elizabeth Lonsdorf & Dr. Marcela Benítez, who work with primates in the Emory Department of Anthropology. I designed & built a joint page for the professors' shared lab, focusing on showcasing the graduate work of the lab and the great field photos of capuchins and chimpanzees. I used WordPress & Elementor to build out a custom responsive layout, created the logo in Photoshop, & added in custom CSS for additional site capabilities.

    • https://apes.emory.edu
    • Website
    • WordPress, HTML/CSS, Elementor, Photoshop
    • Anthroprimatology at Emory
    • June 01, 2023

I designed and built a website for Emory Anthroprimatology Lab focused on showcasing the lab's field research on capuchins and chimpanzees.